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Joseph Szabo

It’s been helluva long since I last posted here. I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that juggling work, illustration, and blogging doesn’t always pan out. My blog posts wont be as regular as they once were, but … Continue reading

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Robert Clark’s Dogs

I am unashamedly a dog person. If I encounter any dog I will make a beeline for said dog and give them a stroke. Maybe it’s because I’ve owned and loved dogs all my life, or the fact that my … Continue reading

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Diego Marmolego

Diego Marmolego is a Spanish illustrator, based in Barcelona, whose work is an intricate jumble of blocky forms and bright colours.  Some of the shapes in his compositions remind me of the abstract forms of cubist painters. “Before drawing I … Continue reading

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Rachel Comey Resort 2015

The Resort 2015 collections have started to trickle into my blog reader and Pinterest feed. I really like the Resort collections as they are less formal and more wearable than the traditional runway collections. I’ll probably do a round up … Continue reading

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Humble Pie

I’ve been asked to make a traditional American apple pie for a party this weekend. But I got a bit carried away with research, so I thought I would share some delicious-looking sweet and savoury pies that I came across. … Continue reading

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Svenja Specht is the German fashion designer behind the fashion label Reality Studio. Her summer 2014 collection is titled TIGERBALM and features a clear Oriental influence in terms of the style and print. The textile designs are the result of a creative collaboration … Continue reading

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Painted Elephants

Charles Fréger is a French photographer, born in 1975, who studied at the Rouen Art School. He is most well known for his Wilder Mann series – that captures the strange and surreal costumes worn by tribal communities in Europe to celebrate the … Continue reading

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