Rain or Shine

The weather is insanely hot in Cape Town at the moment (note to self: invest in an oscillating fan). I’m not one for the heat but it is a great excuse to eat ice cream. My favourite ice cream place in Cape Town is Ice Dream in Hout Bay. It is a family-run business who still make gelato and sorbet the traditional Italian way. Unfortunately Ice Dream is a little far for frequent visits, but The Creamery, that has outlets much closer to me, also sells delicious ice cream (their Rosetta coffee, salted caramel, and strawberry flavours are amazing).

So now onto some lovely ice cream orientated design work! I have featured Glasfurd & Walker before on this blog and they continue to impress. One of their more recent projects is the creation of packaging, stationery, signage, website, photography art direction and styling and digital promotional collateral for Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream. This Vancouver-based ice cream shop makes homemade ice cream in small batches using locally sourced, natural ingredients.

download (2)

download (1)


download (3)

download (4)

download (5)

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Vivetta AW 2014-15

I am “dotty” about Vivetta’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection. You’ll have to excuse my terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist. The collection features a profusion of dotted pieces some printed, others cut out, as well as textured embroidery and scalloped detailing. The figurative elements of the clothing, like the collars in the shape of hands and the face details on the shirts are truly exceptional. I’d love to get my hands on them.






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Joseph Szabo

It’s been helluva long since I last posted here. I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that juggling work, illustration, and blogging doesn’t always pan out. My blog posts wont be as regular as they once were, but I don’t want to give up the gun just yet. I hope you will come back and check in from time to time.


I thought a nostalgic post would be a good option to kick things off again. What better than photographs of adolescents and teenagers from the seventies? The man behind these photographs is Joseph Szabo, a teacher, photographer and author, whose life’s work has been the photographic study of youth.

“Joseph Szabo has been photographing his teen-age students for the past twenty-five years, and has perfectly captured the ambivalence of that time of life. As a high school teacher of photography, he takes seriously their pretentions, passions, and confusions, and he knows intimately how students put on, act up, behave, and misbehave. As Cornell Capa says in his foreword, “Szabo’s camera is sharp, incisive, and young, matching his subjects. One can use many adjectives: revealing, tender, raucous, sexy, showy… in Szabo’s hands, the camera is magically there, the light is always available, the moment is perceived, seen, and caught.”

Szabo graduated with an MFA degree from the Pratt Institute in 1968. He then went on to teach photography at Malverne High School in Long Island from 1972-1999 and at the International Center of Photography in New York since 1978.












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Robert Clark’s Dogs

I am unashamedly a dog person. If I encounter any dog I will make a beeline for said dog and give them a stroke. Maybe it’s because I’ve owned and loved dogs all my life, or the fact that my grandparents bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Needless to say, dogs have always been a big part of my life.

Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York, who captured these amazing portraits of the dogs at the 2011 Westminster Dog Show for National Geographic. The photo series really shows the diversity of breeds, shapes and sizes.






















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Diego Marmolego

Diego Marmolego is a Spanish illustrator, based in Barcelona, whose work is an intricate jumble of blocky forms and bright colours.  Some of the shapes in his compositions remind me of the abstract forms of cubist painters.

“Before drawing I graduated at the faculty of psychology. I’m a normal person who draws weird stuff. I like talking with my fingers. My drawings are an astonishing mixture between minimalism and maximalism.”











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Rachel Comey Resort 2015

The Resort 2015 collections have started to trickle into my blog reader and Pinterest feed. I really like the Resort collections as they are less formal and more wearable than the traditional runway collections. I’ll probably do a round up of my favourites at a later stage, but I thought Rachel Comey’s Resort 2015 collection deserved its own post.

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey is a New York designer, who turned her eponymous independent fashion label into a fully-fledged brand. Her 2015 Resort collection features a number of different denim styles – from wide-legged, high-waisted to tailored drop-crotch pants. To quote Style’s review of her collection:

“…her strategy with the denim has been to stick to her niche of exploratory silhouettes and experimental washes. No skinny jeans for her. Likewise, this collection’s painted prints, tropical florals, and linens dotted with cotton eyelash provided some eccentric flourish to accessible silhouettes. Comey knows that people look to her for a touch of the unexpected but nothing too overtly avant-garde or strange.”

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

Rachel Comey PS 2015 LookbookAll images courtesy style.com
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Humble Pie

I’ve been asked to make a traditional American apple pie for a party this weekend. But I got a bit carried away with research, so I thought I would share some delicious-looking sweet and savoury pies that I came across.

Vegan Shepard’s Pie from Feasting at Home

vegan shepards pie

Lemon Meringue Pie from Yossy Arefi




Fresh Blueberry Pie from Rose Levy Beranbaum

rose levy beranbaum blueberry pie1

rose levy beranbaum blueberry pie

Spanikopita (Greek spinach and feta pie) from Heather Christo


Spiced pear, gorgonzola and toasted walnut pie from Local Milk

pear gorgonzola and walnut pie

Almond Custard Pie with Lavender Syrup from Adventures in Cooking

almond custard pie

almond custard pie 1

Maple Walnut Cream Tart from Food 52

maple walnut cream tart

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