sweaters vs. jerseys

I have never liked the word sweater. Maybe it is the close association to perspiring or the link to spinsterhood and old age. The word sweater just makes me feel generally uncomfortable. Jersey is much better.

Given winter is coming and I need something warm to wear. I have been looking for some inventive and stylish jerseys for the cold months ahead. I managed to salvage a nordic looking cardigan from my mothers old clothing box. She apparently got it when she was ten. So its very old now.

Photo 969

I found this Wonder Woman jersey on Practical Polly’s blog. She sews and knits some beautiful stuff so look around. I’m not big into dressing like a superhero but I think this one works.

wonder woman 2

I’ve wanted an animal jersey for a long time. Its a bit eighties and high on the irony factor but I think with a little ingenuity it could work. This subtle owl jersey which I found on Needled is much more sophisticated.


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1 Response to sweaters vs. jerseys

  1. Kathleen says:

    Definitely ‘jersey’. Isn’t sweater American and jersey English?
    I don’t know if that’s true, but Americans can have sweater along with their bloody imperial system. Fuck them.
    But the very very best are cardigans.

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