Postcards. Perfect postal packages.

I like postcards. I like receiving them. I like sending them. So with that in mind I am currently working on a postal project. The brief is basically:  30 people, 30 days, 30 postcards. The postcards will be handmade and specific to the person selected. I’m excited and I hope the chosen few are too. Watch those mailboxes. I start on Monday. Its going to be awesome. (p.s. if there is anyone who wants to be involved contact me and I’ll send you one)

This is the latest postcard I received from my brother and his girlfriend Isabel, when he was visiting her in Madrid.

postcard from josh & Isa

He sent me one last year when he was in Luxembourg. It is of of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. They look pretty happy with their faces all shiny like that.

josh's lux postcard 2008

The stamp design is great. I support any county who chooses to have men with deer heads as their stamp. Well done Luxembourg!

lux stamps

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