Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx is the project of Cape Town illustrator and designer Heather Moore. She does some amazing textile design and paper cut-outs. Here are a few of my choice favourites:

This duiker pattern was inspired by the ancient San rock paintings at the Sevilla caves in the Cederberg mountains. I like the overlaying of colour patches and outlines to create pattern.


Heather Moore drew inspiration from IKEA’s 2009 catalogue  to create a textile design of IKEA objects entitled ‘I wish we had IKEA’. It deals with the frustration a lot of design aesthetes have about not having an affordable design-orienated store like IKEA in South Africa.


This is her latest paper cutouts project- an album cover for the musican David Fletcher which is still due for release.


I would give her illustrations a skip as they fall a little short of the mark. Maybe it is  the commercial constraints on creative freedom or my own personal preferences but I do not find them particularly inventive.

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