Runaway horses

I remember when I was ten every girl I knew either liked horses or dolphins. They had themed parties, posters on their walls and other horse/dolphin related accessories. I felt bad saying that I preferred the more odd looking animals. So for social survival I chose horses. They are stupid animals but they are mighty pretty.

runaway horses

runaway horses 2

I found this project by New York artist Ann Wood. She made these colourful horses as a creative exercise- one horse a day for 100 days. I think I’m going to make one or two for presents. Here is the template (horsepatterns) if you want to make them too! All you need to do is: trace the pieces onto cardboard, decorate the pieces, create holes in the middle upper section of the legs, and holes in the body where the legs should go, attach the legs to the body with wire and secure them with buttons.

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