Patra = Satan’s bottom

Patra is a major port in Greece. It is also the port that we (by we I mean my travelling companions Will, Grace and Sam) were forced to spend an entire day waiting for our ferry to Venice.

Patra is largely an industrial town inhabited by the oddest characters I have encountered. The first was an English ginger haired man with a glass eye who ran the local internet cafe/gaming dungeon; the second was a iron jawed waiter with a zip on the exterior of his jeans right on top of his enormous package (we were so astounded we allowed him to give us the worst meal we have ever eaten- I ordered Greek salad and got stale bread with 1 slice of tomato drenched in olive oil for 4 euros) and the final character was a junkie strung out on crack in the local park who pestered us for money.

By the evening we were so glad to be onboard the ferry in a little cabin just for the four of us. Finally we could escape the Eurotrash that abounded! I know I sound like a snob but you would too after that day. Here is some cabin ipod portraits (unfortunately there is not one of the beautiful Grace but she will appear later).

cramped will

cramped cath

cramped sam

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One Response to Patra = Satan’s bottom

  1. angie says:

    oh man i can’t wait to get the full story. hahaha.

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