If Woody Allen and Yoko Ono had a love child the product would be the artistic talent known as Yokoo. I have been following her flickr page for about a year now and it has been interesting to see how her style and self-imaging has developed.

yokoo in workspace

Yokoo is known for her knitwear creations, particularly her chunky scarves, totes and knitted accessories that she showcases in a number of self portraits. The photographs move beyond a simple collection of fashion portraits to an exploration of selfhood. She has a very calculated aesthetic that merges carefully hand crafted work with an avant garde sense of disproportion.  She also has an etsy store and blog so check those out too. Here are two of my favourite Yokoo flickr images (all images are sourced from her flickr page).



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2 Responses to Yokoo

  1. moop says:

    LOVE yokoo! Great review!

  2. wolfeyebrows says:

    Thanks Moop! Yokoo is super cool. I like your bags too. Watch future posts, maybe you’ll get some free advertising 🙂

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