Olimpia Zagnoli

If you live in most first world countries reliable public transport is generally a feature of everyday life. In South Africa this is definitely not the case so the idea of catching the train each day is a novelty to me. I came across Olimpia Zagnoli’s zine that she created for a friend of hers who takes a daily 25km train commute into Milan each day. The zine documents 15 Ways to Sleep on a Train. I liked how her illustrative style matched the experience of being on trains.

15 ways to sleep on a train15 ways to sleep on a train 2

I also like how she describes herself:

OZ was born in 1984.
OZ is a bambino incognito.
OZ loves Picasso and the Ramones.
OZ eat peanuts and pop corns.
OZ’s favorite color is grey.
OZ works as an illustrator.
OZ drives a Panda Fiat badly.
OZ means Olimpia Zagnoli.
OZ would like to become a rockstar.

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