Sirena con jersey

If you translate the Spanish phrase ‘Sirena con Jersey’ the English translation would be ‘mermaid with a jersey’. With a title so creative Sirena con Jersey was bound to be super. The company comprises of Ali and Eli who have been making handmade knitted sweaters, tote bags and other nice things since 2007.  And their jerseys are great too. The watermelon jersey reminds me of my favourite watermelon socks that I had when I was four.

siracon jersey clouds

sirenacon jersey watermelon

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2 Responses to Sirena con jersey

  1. Gary B says:

    what a SHIBBY jersey, WOW!!! I want it!!
    Clouds rule face!!

  2. Lea says:

    Sweeto! makes me want to re-learn how to knit and then totally perfect the art

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