Once a feeder…

I did a lot of cooking this weekend feeding my family and friends French toast, caramelized bananas, balsamic strawberries etc. I think my inclination to feed people started early. This set of photographs is from my first birthday party. My dad had been good and I was determined to reward him with a biscuit.

1st birthday biscuit feed

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5 Responses to Once a feeder…

  1. Nina says:

    I remember many delights of the green kitchen from a very young age.

  2. buttoncandy says:

    Awesome picture set – geez you were a cute baby.

  3. Nicole says:

    these are so lovely. is that a boudoir biscuit? om nom nom.

    i called them finger biscuits.

  4. wolfeyebrows says:

    Thanks for all the comments pretty ladies. Yes that is a boudoir biscuit Nicole. Well spotted.

  5. mia says:

    wow josh looks exactly like your dad in that last one, i recognise that facial expression so well

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