Luca Luca Spring 2011

I saw a beautiful dress from Luca Luca’s Spring 2011 collection on a wonderful blog called size too small (check it out, it’s awesome). Luca Luca‘s collection is so lovely- floaty fabrics, graphic prints and leather belts. Hell yes. Look at all the prettiness!


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4 Responses to Luca Luca Spring 2011

  1. thanks 🙂 and i love this collection.

  2. Lea says:

    This collection is so beautiful! I want every piece of it, such flattering lines and so feminine. I LOVE the incorporation of the brown leather belt. I’m a big brown belt fan.

    • wolfeyebrows says:

      Me too. Brown belts are a constant item in my wardrobe no matter what season it is. Glad you liked the collection. If only we could have some of those beautiful pieces.

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