Eleanor Rudge

Eleanor Rudge is a Brighton-based illustrator. These illustrations were produced for a series of place mats for Chiswick House, depicting narratives of its various owners and inhabitants. A great creative combination of illustration and typography to relay historical information.

via: Commas and Clauses

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2 Responses to Eleanor Rudge

  1. Em says:

    Such an intersting little post. I worked at a few catering events in Chiswick House during my “year off” last year, its a rather ostentatious with evil winding staircases (or so it seemed after about the 50th trip up and down carrying 10 plates at a time!) but gorgeous grounds. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time when there.

    I love your blog! Its a little treat i allow myself everyday, a wonderful escape from my dreary days of sitting in an office writing a really boring thesis on fish. Thank you 🙂

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