Perfect floral

I love this shirt by Katherine Hooker– what a delicate floral pattern. Just perfect.

I think it goes well with this illustration by Lizzy Stewart. She is a genius.

And these pictures by Nikole Herriott. She is also a genius (of the culinary kind).

via: I’ll Seen, I’ll Said

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6 Responses to Perfect floral

  1. Emma-Jane says:

    YUM! I want all of those fruit bunches.. mmm. stunning stunning post!

  2. Zosienka says:

    Berries! Oh! Those two last photos are wonderful and the girl at the top so pretty.

  3. wolfeyebrows says:

    Thanks Emma-Jane. Glad you liked it.

    Zosienka, its strange you said that because I think you look like the girl in the top picture. When I was writing up the post I thought of you 🙂

  4. Thank you for the link love!
    Jane – Ill Seen, Ill Said

  5. ED. says:

    The soft light and tones captures the delicate
    floral pattern of the shirt. The model wears it with
    style, her features and poise elegantly created
    a photo showing the photographers skill.
    Well done. ED.

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