The Makers

The Makers is a creative photographic project by Jennifer Causey, which documents Brooklyn-based individuals who create handmade or artisanal objects.

So far she has profiled florist Saipua, bakery Robicelli’s and the mixologists of Morris Kitchen. Each series of photographs is accompanied by an interview which provides insight into each profile. A great project and beautiful photography.

(You may also know Jennifer Causey from the blog Simply Breakfast where she documents the various breakfasts she eats. Its also well worth a visit.)

via: The Fox is Black

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4 Responses to The Makers

  1. lsiss says:

    I saw this through Brian Ferry’s blog, and I thought it was such a great idea. Actually getting to know those local creators and producers in the suburb she lives in! It would be an awesome idea to set up in other cities across the world… x

  2. kate says:

    i had no idea about this project and am so excited (as a fellow brooklynite) to check it out. thanks so much for writing about it!!!

    • wolfeyebrows says:

      Glad I could spread the news. Its a project worthy of publicity. I’m jealous that you are able to visit all the places. I’m dying to visit New York.

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