Floating Worlds

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you’ll probably know of my love for Edward Gorey. I grew up feasting my eyes on his macbre books and illustrations, many of which I own to this day.

Floating Worlds is a book that documents the letters between Edward Gorey and author Peter F. Neumeyer:

Edward Gorey and Peter Neumeyer met in the summer of 1968. On their first encounter, Neumeyer managed to dislocate Gorey’s shoulder when he grabbed his arm to keep him from falling into the ocean… This was the beginning of an invigorating friendship, fueled by a wealth of letters and postcards that sped between the two men through the fall of 1969.

The letters are remarkable for their quantity and their content. While the creative collaborations of Gorey and Neumeyer centered on children’s books, they held wide-ranging interests; both were erudite, voracious readers, and they sent each other many volumes. Through their discussions of these books, one marvels at the beauty of thoughtful (and merry) discourse driven by intellectual curiosity.”

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3 Responses to Floating Worlds

  1. Zosienka says:

    Ok, this makes me really want to write mail again!

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  3. sandra says:

    hi cath, how are you? just thought i’d let you know i’m reading your blog in chicago! so it kind of feels like i’m chatting to you…
    lots of love, sandra

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