Walstrom House

Look at this beautiful mid-century wooden house designed by American architect John Lautner! Surrounded by forests, this asymmetrical architectural beauty was built in 1969 on a hill in the Santa Monica mountains just outside of Los Angeles.


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7 Responses to Walstrom House

  1. sally says:

    This is amazing! (How is it that midcentury modern homes are always filled with awesome midcentury furniture and bits and bobs too? So jealous.)

  2. Awesome. I think the architects often designed furniture too. Can’t exactly furnish spaces like this at Roomful Express, can you?

  3. WOW! It’s really amazing how, despite it’s “modernness” it still manages to fit well within its surroundings. It has a lot of warmth to it. I think my boyfriend will want to know if it’s for sale…haha!!!

  4. Wow, really love this. All that nature and wood and space… perfect.

  5. Marija says:

    it shames me to say it, but it reminds me of the vampires’ home from Twilight.
    I like the kitchen+living/dining room space a lot!

  6. reiddamnit says:

    oh wow, this house is amazing!

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