A sneak peek of illustrations and prints that I’ve had my eye on recently. Click the links below to see the full image. Feel free to buy me one…just kidding…not really (p.s. I’m totally serious…please buy me one)

1. Kes by Sandra Dieckmann 2. Hairbraiding by Kaye Blegvad 3. Melancholia by Caitlin Shearer 4. Mossman by A.E. Brown 5. Woods by Carson Ellis 6. Orla by Yelena Brykesenkova 7. Fox Hunt by Becca Stadtlander 8. Bear Roar by Julia Pott 9. Make Do and Mend by Clare Owen 10. Just Give Me All The Eggs and Bacon You Have by Nan Lawson 11. Congratulations by Karolin Schnoor 12. Nature Boy by Lizzy Stewart

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2 Responses to Printables

  1. How do you do that with the circles?
    I love seeing them collected that way….

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