Unfortunately this year I will not be joining the hordes of holiday goers in their mass exodus to the coast for the summer holidays. I’ve opted for money-saving and a quiet holiday at home with family and friends (not a bad swop). I’ve decided to make the most of it by filling my days with cool projects that I never have the time to do during my busy working days.

A banner for the house inspired by Secret Holiday & Co.

A bedside lamp inspired by Weekday Carnival

Wooden boat napkin holder via brown dress with white dots

DIY Peter Pan collar via Honestly WTF

Homemade almond butter via The Little Red House


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6 Responses to DIY

  1. So fun! Sounds like the ultimate holidays. Would love to find some time to dip my hands into a little DIY.

  2. hannah says:

    lots of fun projects! i’m hoping to get some time to work on my own diy things as well… mostly to give away as presents!

  3. Love the almond butter label…. sounds like a wonderful holiday to me…

  4. Love these! Hope you post pics of the ones you make as well 🙂 Especially love the lamp, the napkin holder and the collar. Might try those myself.

  5. siblingmine says:

    Lost an hour perusing through your archives, but gained a year of aptitude at the same time.
    Great blog. Wish I had stopped by more often before.

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