Tartine Bread and Other Recipes

4SP Films created this short film about the bread at Tartine Bakery, a famous bakery in San Francisco founded by Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt.

Tartine Bread from 4SP Films on Vimeo.

And now that I’ve got you salivating. Here are some tasty looking bread recipes I’ve found on my internet travels.

Baguettes by Tartine Bread Experiment

Black bread by 101 Cookbooks

Homemade bagels by La Petit Brioche

Cinnamon raisin bread by A Chow Life

Brown mushroom tortano by Cook Republic

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One Response to Tartine Bread and Other Recipes

  1. Nimenos says:

    My husband is absolutely hooked on homemade bread, he makes new specialties every week … funny how we had lost all sense of what was true bread

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