Studio Nicholson

I really like the elegant, masculine simplicity of the latest Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Studio Nicholson.

“Studio Nicholson’s Creative Director Nick Wakeman launched the brand early in 2010. Nick’s aim was to build a range of womenswear inspired by her love of menswear design whilst incorporating subtle feminine trend hooks each season.”

Each item of the collection features understated detailing that makes it just that little extra special. I’m not sure I would wear drop-crotch pants though…I could never pull it off.

p.s. what are “trend hooks”? Never heard that phrase before…sounds fancy.

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2 Responses to Studio Nicholson

  1. abneal says:

    I love these simple pieces! also re: trend hooks…I believe it refers to “hooking-up” with a major trend. I work in footwear and we use the term “hook color” or hooking-up the color, to refer to a major seasonal trend color or using it on a shoe. So i’m guessing it’s the same sort of use. Instead of follow the trend, hook to it?

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