Stephan Landwehr

Stephan Landwehr is the owner of Bilderrahmen Landwehr, a specialist framing company in in Berlin, popular with galleries and artists. He also owns Grill Royal, a high-end restaurant renowned for its art and meat dishes.

Landwehr lives in a two-story, 2,695-square-foot building that previously functioned as a laundry for almost 100 years. He has an extensive collection of contemporary art, which covers almost all of the walls. Some of them were traded for framing work, others as gifts from his artist friends and the rest he has purchased from galleries. Not only does he have a great art collection, he also has a great collection of brown leather shoes. Todd Selby took these pictures of Landwehr’s bright and eccentric home.

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One Response to Stephan Landwehr

  1. Is that toilet for real? I must say that is bit freaky. Would give me stage fright even if no one was around. Love the art though!

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