The Bride Wore Sherbet

As most of you who read this blog know, I am getting married later on this year. At the moment I am trying to decide what dress to wear. It seems like quite an important decision but I’m rather clueless. I guess it’s because I’ve never been a “dress up all fancy” person (tom boy…guilty as charged) and the idea of a long white dress seems very foreign.

That said I really loved the look and feel of this wedding in Brisbane, photographed by Jonas Peterson. It was just the right mix of formality and fun. I also liked that the bride didn’t wear white and opted for a pink and silver Jenny Packham number instead. I wont go for something as fancy, but I really like the idea of injecting some colour into the traditional white ensemble.


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5 Responses to The Bride Wore Sherbet

  1. feelingdisko says:

    Beautiful! Stunning dress and stunning pics too. I also like the idea of colour. Although I have opted for white ultimately since our decor is going to be pretty colourful. Check out my blog

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  4. mimi says:

    Jenny packham makes stunning dresses, I tried one on before I got married. Didn’t end up choosing it (It wasn’t quite right for me) but I felt like a million bucks when I had it on! If you get a chance try one on!

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