New Plastics and Old Masters

Suzanne Jongmans is a Dutch artist, who studied textile design and photography at the Art Academy in Tilburg.  For this beautiful series of portraits she created caps and collars out of packaging foam, inspired by the paintings and fashion from the Dutch Golden Age, which includes the paintings of Holbein, Vermeer and Clouet.

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2 Responses to New Plastics and Old Masters

  1. Annuska Gerris says:

    A great copy off work by Hendrik Kerstens, as always in art you have follower. Looks like a great example, should write a thesis about this !

  2. flowergirl says:

    I believe you are underestimating the quality of the works here… it’s not just the photograph but also the foam clothing items she fabricated, it’s different from Kerstens approach…

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