Martha Marcy May Marlene

This weekend I watched Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durki, which documents the experiences of a young woman who has recently escaped from an abusive cult. The film oscillates between the present and flashbacks of her time with the cult, which are rife with brain washing and abuse. Its harrowing but strangely captivating.

The film marks the debut of young actress Elizabeth Olsen, who is the sister to the famous Olsen twins. The film was a risky choice for a new actress, but I have to hand it to Elizabeth for giving a truly amazing performance.  The cinematography beautifully exploits the grainy quality of film – each shot looks like a painting. Take a look at some of the still below:

Here is the trailer:

Images copyright: Fox Searchlight

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One Response to Martha Marcy May Marlene

  1. Roseanna says:

    I saw this at Sundance and loved it! It was so weird and great to watch the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen and her familiar-yet-different features. The director gave a great Q&A as well, I look forward to seeing his next story.

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