My apologies for the sporadic posting. I’m juggling work with settling into a new life in Cape Town, as well as home hunting and wedding planning. My plate is full but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I hoping to get back to more regular posting soon. In the meantime I’ve got a miscellany of cool, interesting and beautiful things for you to look at…

1. Oroma Elewa has impeccable style 2. Beautiful embroidered textiles by Yumiko Higuchi 3. Caramelised fennel and goats cheese flatbread by My New Roots 4. Amazing paper accessories by Fideli Sundqvist for Papier Mache 5. Cat iPhone cover by the ever so talented Leah Goren 6. Beautiful typography by Reluctant Hero 7. A rad Twin Peaks-inspired tattoo 8. Aura lights 9. Illustration by Nicholas John Frith 10. A whimsical wedding flower crown 11. Georgian wedding band by Erica Weiner 12.  Portrait of a Young Man (1550) by Agnolo di Cosimo 13. A very dapper fellow 14. Pattern design by Caitlin Keegan

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