Pamela Love’s Hippie Wedding

Some of you will probably know of Pamela Love for her bold, bohemian jewellery.  This New York-based jewellery designer has also become a darling of various street fashion and lifestyle blogs. I was perusing the Vogue website and stumbled across Pamela Love’s folksy wedding, where she married illustrator Matthew Nelson in Montauk.

The event looks straight out of the seventies…flower crowns, sunshine yellow bridesmaid dresses and teepees. A little too hippie for my liking but it looked like a really awesome day. Pamela wore an off-white chiffon dress with an open lattice back, designed by her friend Mara Hoffman.

Images: Hannah Thomson

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2 Responses to Pamela Love’s Hippie Wedding

  1. Beautiful dress!!! i could wear it everyday!

  2. Lara says:

    I love the diner seating, and also – the fact that she really could wear her dress again!

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