Bryan Nash Gill has recently published a book titled Woodcut, which documents his series of large-scale relief prints made from the cross sections of trees.

“Gill creates patterns not only of great beauty but also year-by-year records of the life and times of fallen or damaged logs. He rescues the wood from the property surrounding his studio and neighbouring land, extracts and prepares blocks of various species (including ash, maple, oak, spruce, and willow), then makes prints by carefully following and pressing the contours of rings and ridges until the intricate designs transfer from tree to paper. The results are colored, nuanced shapes—mesmerizing impressions of the structural integrity hidden inside each tree.”

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2 Responses to Woodcut

  1. Kit says:

    I saw this book posted somewhere else and fell in love- think it’s definitely one to add to the wish list!

  2. hana ryan says:

    LOVE this!

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