Mountain Milk

Mountain Milk is a final year student packaging project by Norwegian graphic designer Anders Drage. I think he did a damn fine job.

“I love milk – so my choice of product was easy…I think this is how it should have looked if Norway’s biggest milk retailer launched a milk to be sold internationally. “

via: The Dieline

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6 Responses to Mountain Milk

  1. oh that is so classy! simple and pure. I love the last image!

  2. This is gorgeous! How clever.

  3. I almost never leave a comment anywhere, but I love great advertising. This is simple genius. And beautiful.

  4. lelith says:

    i really love the look of the design. but for me as a customer, i would never ever buy this milk. it looks like, one of those “designed-over-expensive”-foods. like the “beauty water with fruits” which is nothing more than table water (not even mineral water) with many sugar and some fruit purree in it. so a false friend to me, over expensive for something unhealty and with very cheap ingreedients.

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