Wedding Things

I really love this wedding beautifully documented by D’Art Photographie. It’s everything I would want in a wedding…a low key affair with the ones you love, good food, a beautiful location and flower crowns.

“Jen and John were married in an apple orchard in northern California on a Saturday in late August…Friends and family gathered on this intimate homestead complete with a barn, secret garden, flower beds and a pasture of cows, to celebrate the love of a beautiful couple…As toasts were made to commemorate the occasion, sweaters were put on while we danced and talked and sipped wine in the grass by candlelight.”

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3 Responses to Wedding Things

  1. oof yes, so simple and beautiful – plus, COWS

  2. nice & calm says:

    beautiful pictures 🙂

  3. monica says:

    I love this wedding! beautiful!

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