Richard Learoyd

Presences is a photographic portrait series by British artist Richard Learoyd. Each image is a one-of-a-kind life sized and minutely detailed print taking up to 8 hours to produce.

“Using the most basic form of photography, the camera obscura, Learoyd marries old technology with new: strobe lighting, state of the art optics and Ilfochrome printing to create unexpected voyeurism…Each of Learoyd’s unique portraits are born through a laborious commitment of both physical and mental stamina.  Models arrive at his studio prepared for a full day, and often two, of sitting still under hot lights.”

via: TimeLightBox

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3 Responses to Richard Learoyd

  1. Wow, the emotions of these women are so raw and natural. It’s really like there wasn’t even a photographer there, if you know what I mean.

  2. This is exceptional. I love seeing people incorporate old and new techniques of an art form and combining them to create something new.

  3. GUSTAVO says:


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