Cookbooks and Happyolks

This Christmas I bought Doug a few cookbooks…two from the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco (one focuses on bread making, the other on baked goods). I also got him the Whole Larder Love Cookbook, which features great design, beautiful photography and the recipes are in line with his old school food philosophy. I’ve already started enjoying the spoils.

tartine bread

whole larder love

My recipe book of choice is online. I love food blogs, as well as Pinterest and foodgawker for finding the tastiest recipes to make. My latest food blog find is Happyolks, a culinary collaboration between wife and husband team, Kelsey and Shaun. Not only are their recipes delicious and nutritious, they are also documented beautifully. Here is a little more about the blog:

“My goal with Happyolks is to celebrate the experience of creating a wholesome meal and the happiness that inherently grows from it. In the garden, at the farmers market, and from the hearts of our kitchen, we have a chance at each mealtime to express our gratitude to the earth, the day, and one another.”










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2 Responses to Cookbooks and Happyolks

  1. sizetoosmall says:

    am in need of some new food inspiration. this site looks amazing.

  2. katsasleep says:

    my friend mike has that tartine book, and the original bakery just down the road from his house. When we visited, i felt like i was inside a blog. it was weird. but delicious too!

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