To Build A Home

I’m happy to announce that after six months of searching Doug and I have finally found a place to rent. It’s in Woodstock, close to our friends and the city, plus it has a garden for our lovely dog. I have a lot of cleaning, unpacking, fixing and painting to do. But, in time I’m hoping it will become home.

What better way to start than with an inspiring house in Williamsburg, New York, which has a good mix of wood detailing, art, textiles and plants.

“This beautiful two story house in Williamsburg is the home of artist Anthony Goicolea and his partner Paul Kelterborn. The couple originally bought the 1,200 square foot building for $625,000 in 2006, after 3 years of work and an estimated $1 million in renovations, it is now a beautiful 2,000 square feet three story house with 20-foot ceilings and detailed finishing.”







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2 Responses to To Build A Home

  1. love Woodstock! happy new home to you 🙂

  2. OH man I am so in love with this house, thank you for sharing!

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