South African Creatives: Photography

I’m really proud of how much South African food, art and design has developed over the last ten years. It’s such a vital and vibrant community of creative people. There are so many talented designers, artists and photographers creating amazing work, which is really inspiring.

I thought I’d share some creative work that I’ve appreciated recently. I’m also thinking of making this a regular feature. First up…photography.

Africanis by Daniel Naude (I can’t get enough of this ongoing series)





To Skin A Cat by Greg Lomas

porti_shembe (2 of 11)

porti_shembe (1 of 11)

porti_shembe (10 of 11)

porti_shembe (4 of 11)

The work of Warren van Rensburg





The Swimmers by Carla Liesching





Study of Trees by Garth Meyer

figure 11_p_f9f852996b1e057c4fabdc61b26c8bc0




The UniConz by Chris Saunders (via: we-are-awesome)






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2 Responses to South African Creatives: Photography

  1. Danya says:

    Some highly evocative shots!

  2. a skillful ensemble indeed – thanks for sharing these

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