Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

The National Portrait Gallery is one of my favourite galleries to visit when I make the trip to London. Given that it is limited to the genre of portraiture, the collection is less daunting and curated in a carefully considered way.

Every year the gallery hosts two competitions: the BP Portrait Award, that focuses on contemporary portrait painting, and the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize that is focused on photography. Both are excellent competitions well worth entering if you are artistically inclined. I was going through the Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize archive and thought I’d share some arresting and interesting images from previous years.


Wen, 2011 by Jasper Clarke


Bag, 2007 by Hendrik Kerstens


Huong, In Hanoi, 2008 by Adam Nadel (From the series A War’s Legacy – Birth Defects In Vietnam)


Margarita Teichroeb, 2012 (First Prize Winner) by Jordi Ruiz Cirera (From the series Menonos)


Together and Alone, 2009 by James Stroud


Merel by Clare Shilland


The Ventriloquist, 2012 by Alma Haser

david-chancellor-huntress-with-buckHuntress with Buck, 2010 (First Prize Winner) by David Chancellor (From the series Hunters)

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