South African Creatives: Illustrators

Sorry for the lapse in posting. I’ve been rather busy this past week with some freelance projects, birthdays and the inevitable Easter slow down. It’s been fun but rather exhausting. Let me start by stating that there will be more posts on local illustrators in my South African Creatives series because there are far too many talented illustrators to include in just one post.

I’ve followed the work of Katrin Coetzer for a couple of years now. She is an incredibly talented illustrator whose style is both whimsical and beautiful. She recently got married and created the stationary for the event, the results are phenomenal. You can see the wedding photographed by Modern Hearts here.


Katrin - Matthew_009_800




Andy Wyeth is a pseudonym for Nina Torr. I like that she works primarily in black and white, making the colour she does use all the more impactful. She creates illustrations in a way that reminds me of religious or allegorical paintings. I think they are really beautiful.

holding hands 10and5


skeleton guitar

hare web_o

irish wolfhound web

Jean de Wet is a Capetonian illustrator known for this incredibly detailed drawings of surreal and strange landscapes. He has exhibited throughout South Africa and collaborated with renowned international publishers like Nobrow.





Johnny Kotze is the man behind The Motel. He spends his time inbetween Johannesburg and Cape Town, churning out some splendid graphic design and illustration. One of my favourite illustration series was of famous dead people like Elvis, Robert Mugabe and Hitler.





Louis Minnaar is a multitalented creative whose talents stretch the gamut of music, illustration, design and animation. Yes, he is one of those people. The one’s who seem to be able to create with such ease and imagination.




Stephan van Wyk‘s loose and colourful style is reminiscent of the unmediated scribblings of a child (with a little more humour and sophistication). I particularly love his illustrations inspired by the London Zoo.





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