Vetted is an online store started by graphic designer Antonio Carusone in 2010 that sells a limited collection of hand picked, design-orientated products. Here is a little more about the philosophy behind the store:

“We provide a curated collection of products that have a great story. We believe that the story makes half of the experience of a product. Only high-quality goods are sought after, ranging from local brands to companies half way around the world. We strive to offer a line of goods that are superbly designed, tell an interesting story and will last long. In short, quality goods for the soul.”

I created an imaginary wish list of some things I liked in the store:

vetted wishlist1. Misc. Tote Bag by Jeff Ramsey | 2. Acne Paper – Issue 14 | 3. Wrap Magazine – Issue 6 | 4. Mast Brothers Chocolate | 5. The Kreis T-Shirt by BLXNK | 6. Scissors by Craft Design Technology | 7. Leather Pen Case by Craft Design Technology | 8. Technical Eraser by Craft Design Technology | 9. Solid Red Bamboo Sunglasses by Waiting For The Sun | 10. Stendig Calendar by Massimo Vignelli


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1 Response to VETTED

  1. jelena says:

    love the Misc bag. terence has that t-shirt! nice.

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