Since it’s a Friday I thought I’d suggest something nice to listen to in order to make the last work day of the week a little more bearable. Mala is the latest album by folk indie wunderkind Devendra Banhart released by Nonesuch Records. The title of the album loosely translates as “little one” in Serbian, which is the native tongue of his fiancée,  artist Ana Kraš.



Following a number of obscure and esoteric albums, Mala is refreshingly easy to listen to despite its sophisticated curation and construction. The track listing is a great example of intelligent song writing – funny, romantic, slightly irreverent and beautifully spare.

I love almost every song….here are two good ones:

You can buy and listen to the album here or you can find it on iTunes. Have a good weekend!

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2 Responses to Mala

  1. jelena says:

    i love the lyrics. hate them both for being amazing

  2. It’s great. I think his partner might be the most beautiful woman in the world. Talented beautiful people making music. Bit jeals!

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