South African Creatives: Jewellery Design

First up is the lovely Karin, the lady behind Dear Rae, who is a very talented jewellery designer. Located in the Woodstock Foundry, her studio/store is a light and spacious place that showcases her delicate jewellery beautifully. I bought each of my bridesmaids a different gold Dear Rae bracelet as a thank you present for their help with my wedding and they loved them. I highly recommend a visit.




dear-rae_the-foundry_008crop_940_wideKatherine-Mary Pichulik has received a lot of buzz for her jewellery label Pichulik. One of her necklace designs “The Golden Fold” was nominated for Design Indaba’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2013 award. The Pichulik brand is known for its bold statement jewellery that combines colourful rope, metal, beads and bones in a beautifully ornate way. Her latest Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was shoot by Kope Figgins.





Famke is the brainchild of Cape Town creative Famke Koene, whose bone-inspired works are beautifully macabre.





Skermunkil Design Studio is a small jewellery company run by Marietjie Beeslaar and her husband Rory. Their studio is based in Muizenberg, Cape Town.




I found out about Milame Handmade Designs relatively recently. The lady behind the label is jewellery designer Emma Atkinson, who has a lovely shop just off Kloof Street selling many beautiful trinkets. Her jewellery is very reasonably priced and she is open to custom commissions.





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