Dog Collector

Libby Hall is fanatical about dogs. She is a born and bred New Yorker, who moved to the United Kingdom in 1967, where she currently resides. For three decades (1966-2006) she collected close to six thousand archival photographs of dogs, which have since been documented in four books.

“My husband Tony and I used to go to Kingsland Waste, where we had a friend who did house clearances, and in those days they sold old photo albums and threw away the pictures. So I used to rescue them and I began sorting out the dogs – because I always liked dogs – and it became a collection. Then I started collecting properly, looking for them at car boot sales and auctions. And eventually a publisher offered me an advance of two thousand pounds for a book of them…

Dogs have always been powerfully important to me, I’ve lived with dogs since the beginning of my days. There’s a photo of my father holding me as baby in one arm and a dog in the other – dog’s faces were imprinted upon my consciousness as early as humans, and I’ve always lived with dogs.”

Here are some photographs from her collection. You’ll have to excuse the length of this post, I got a little carried away.















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1 Response to Dog Collector

  1. Lori says:

    What a wonderful post and collection, I can see how you could get carried away! I was really excited to see the 10th photo down- the two shaggy moppets are Tibetan Terriers, for which I have a particular fondness. You don’t see them often and it was the Brits who first bred them outside of Tibet. Thanks for sharing!

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