An amazing photograph titled Hugh and Chicken in Profile by David Stewart, which is one of the finalist for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery.


The autumn/winter 2013 collection of Mozambican designer Taibo Bacar is really beautiful, featuring a local African fabric called “Capulana” as a central motif. (via: missmillib)




I would like to eat this and this. Please and thank you.



Micah Lidberg’s beautiful peony pattern designed for a series of limited edition Hugo & Marie silk scarves.




walnut letter opener designed by Andrea Kuo, that deals with the following everyday problem in a beautiful way:

“We often get anxious about the content in our letters when we receive them, and naturally we tend to tear them apart with our own hands, occassionally running our fingers like a blade through the end of the envelope. Sometimes, we get paper cuts on our fingers, but ironically, we use our fingers to cut paper as well.”

pushing the envelope

pushing the envelope 1

pushing the envelope 2

Rajni Perera is a Sri-Lankan artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Her bold and colourful paintings are inspired by a number of influences including Rajput miniaturism, comics, cartoons, textile patterns, Ukiyo-e block prints, paleontology, astronomy and geometry. She describes her work as “spiritual and whimsical, a pooja (religious ritual) and a porno at the same time”.

rajni perera amma

rajni perera amma 1


This fellow is very cool and rather well dressed.


Although the concept of a meat snack bar is completely off-putting to me, I can’t deny that the packaging for these EPIC Protein Bars are superb. Their website design is good too.

epic bar packaging

Air plant wreaths by Los Angeles floral design studio Robin Charlotte.

air plant wreath


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