Melissa Castrillon

Melissa Castrillon is a very talented illustrator based in Cambridge in the UK. She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. I really love her use of line to create texture and pattern.

“Mark making and subtlety of colour are important aspects of my work, I tend to use mechanical pencils with replaceable leads of varying sizes and densities. They provide the precision and swiftness of marks to create a sense of movement and texture and colour is often applied previous to this through washes of either, water colour, acrylic, water soluble pencils or diluted inks.

I try and create a sense of movement and life in my drawing, to draw in the viewer and communicate to them more than just a ‘pretty image’. I aim to tell a story with everything I do, and the materials I use are important in representing that, though I experiment with other materials, it is my old faithful ‘Staedler mars micro’ pencil which I always come back to in the end.”









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2 Responses to Melissa Castrillon

  1. Zosienka says:

    I like these a lot!

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