Winter Wardrobe: Pink

Since it’s a rather grey day in Cape Town, I chose to feature the colour pink to warm things up a little. I’m not usually a fan of this girly colour, I’m a tomboy at heart, but I have to admit that it is growing on me.

PinkVanessa Bruno Waffle-knit Sweater / Chloe Lauren Leather Ballet Flats / Kate Spade Saturday Slim-Sleeve Dress in Coated Poplin / Kate Spade Saturday Letter Charm Tag /  J.Crew Vacationland Silk Shirt / JOSEPH Felicity Crepe Dress / EQUIPMENT Signature Washed-Silk Shirt / Chloe Colourblocked Leather Wallet

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3 Responses to Winter Wardrobe: Pink

  1. AlexAlice says:

    I’m really enjoying this series! I’m hoping you’ll do a black one soon.

  2. Fenne says:

    I always wear strong colors, but with springtime arriving here, I get used to those soft colors and I love them on other people. But still not sure if it would fit me 🙂

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