Winter Wardrobe: Blue

When I was a child my mom used to play a song titled Blue by Joni Mitchell. Since then I’ve always associated this sad, melodic tune with the colour. Johannesburg’s winter is icy and dry with clear blue skies (unlike Cape Town’s endless rainy days). This selection of blue things is a way for me to connect with my old home town.

BLUEAmerican Apparel Cuffed Beanie / Carven Two-Toned Coat / Kate Spade Saturday Let Loose Dress with Splatter Print / Kate Spade Saturday Pockets and Pleats Dress/ Madewell Dotted Chambray Boyshirt / Block Shop Mosaic Light & Dark Indigo Scarf

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2 Responses to Winter Wardrobe: Blue

  1. Bridget says:

    Agree! I cannot get enough of that bright cobalt color lately. My winter coat is that shade (though without the rad two-tone sleeves, alas) and the obsession continues here:

  2. jelena says:

    ahhhhh, i die for that Madewell shirt

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