Resort 2014 Round-up

The 2014 Resort collections are pretty darn good this year, so I thought I’d do a round up of the ones that caught my eye.

Matthew Williamson‘s Resort 2014 collection takes its inspiration from the hot and arid landscape of Arizona. A palm leaf print is the central motif of the collection, rendered in a mix of soft pastel tones and bright, punchy colours.

matthew williamson

Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern are the designers behind the label Co, whose Resort 2014 collection is elegant, minimalist and wearable. Interest is added through unusual shapes and fine tailoring.


Band of Outsiders is an effortlessly cool label that manages to produce fashion forward collections that don’t look overly art directed. Their Resort 2014 collection features bright colours, prints and intarsias by the Israeli artist Guy Yanai, reminiscent of “Hockney-esque swimming pools surrounded by supersize palm trees”. If I was cooler I’d love to wear all of these outfits.

band of outsiders

I am a big fan of the Carven label because of their balance between form and function. They are the masters of creating beautiful coats and their Resort 2014 collection is no exception.


Alexander Lewis‘s surf-inspired Resort 2014 collection has modular dresses and jumpers that are both modern and feminine.

alexander lewisPrabal Gurung offers up a print party with his Resort 2014 Collection. It’s what he does best.

prabal gurung

See By Chloé offers a richer and darker Resort 2014 collection than most. The masculine tailoring of their jackets and jumpsuits is spot on.

see by chloeSpeaking of boyish charm, Organic by John Patrick‘s Resort 2014 collection pairs seemingly incongruous feminine prints and fabrics with masculine items like sports shirts and pants.

organic by john patrick

British designer Peter Jensen channels his inner Andy Warhol with a Resort 2014 Collection inspired by one of Warhol’s muses Paulette Goddard. Paulette was known for marrying wealthy men and accumulating a vast art and jewellery collection.

peter jensen

Lela Rose‘s Resort 2014 collection is influenced by the grids, shapes and lines of the Bauhaus, with a few softer prints thrown in for good measure.

lela roseStella McCartney consistently produces collections that are of a high standard and remain true to her aesthetic. She also manages to create a unique look and feel for each collection which I imagine is rather difficult to do. Job well done (again) on her Resort 2014 collection.

stella mccartneyLast but not least, my ever beloved Valentino, whose gowns and floral prints never cease to take my breath away. They didn’t disappoint with this Resort collection.


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  1. Such a brilliant round up and love the new design of your blog 🙂

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