Asbury Park, 1979

I came across this article by Hannah Choi in The New Yorker covering a retrospective exhibition of photographer Joe Maloney titled “Asbury Park and the Jersey Shore, c. 1979,”. The images are amazing. Here is a little more about it:

“Maloney focussed on Asbury Park because it was a “distinctly working-class, nonaffluent, semi-urban, slightly run-down beach town, with a music culture and a vibrant street life.” Through a strong emphasis on polychromatic photography, he captured a place that was once brimming with life—carnival rides on the boardwalk, bikini-clad teen-agers, landscapes in saturated hues and glowing lights

The series was inspired by “the urge to discover something immediate, concrete, and candid within the artifice of the resort-town culture”.










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1 Response to Asbury Park, 1979

  1. The colors in these photos are incredible and I love what the photographer had to say about resort town culture. Thanks for sharing.

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