Apologies for my absence, I have been a little busy with work but glad to have to some time again to dedicate to the blog. Right, let’s get to it!

I’ve been collecting examples of packaging design that I like and since it’s been quite a long time since I posted about packaging, it seemed appropriate to showcase them today. It’s amazing how well considered packaging design can influence your perception of that product.

Sergey Parfenov created this playfully pink packaging and identity for a coffee shop in Moscow, Russia, called Surup Cafe.




Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is a microroaster and independent coffee company based in Ontario, Canada, known for its artisanal handcrafted coffee. Chad Roberts Design was commissioned to create packaging that represented their core values: “natural, sustainable, artisanal and local.”




Various packaging design concepts with hand drawn lettering and illustration by Marta Harding for Williams Sonoma.


01_17_13_williamssonoma_2I’m not sure if this milk packaging by Isabella Rodriguez, is real or concept (probably the latter). But I think it’s a great, simple design nevertheless.




Known for its elegant book covers and use of decorative hand lettering, Louise Fili‘s studio, revamped the old packaging of a gelateria in Maine.

“Our latest packaging makeover is for Gelato Fiasco, a Maine gelateria making artisan gelato and sorbetto fresh daily, using organic milk and all-natural ingredients. The package was upgraded from a flimsy plastic takeout container to a sturdier clear cylinder (allowing for the brilliant colors of the product to show through), topped with a silver metal lid. Stickers are color-coded to the 24 different flavors offered (pomegranate chocolate chunk, caramel sea salt, chocolate noir, and strawberry balsamic, to name a few).”



Peter-John de Villiers worked with Oslo-based agency FRANK to create the packaging illustration for a Christmas beer from the Norwegian brewery GRANS.

“The concept was to bring back the traditional approach of hand drawing from earlier era’s for the relaunch of their Christmas beer.”



photo3_900Spanish designer Diego Delgado created this bold, minimalist packaging design for winery Bodega 99 as part of his final degree project.

“The first line of young wines from this recently created winery was named HARTO DE VINO after a Spanish expression which means having drunk too much wine. The name of the brand refers to the origin of the winery and tries to attract the target audience’s attention by using humor and irony.”





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