Andrew Miksys is the Seattle-based photographer behind these almost anthropological photographic studies of Bingo players. The portraits have the stillness to them that remind me of museum dioramas with all of the subjects looking inanimate and slightly depressed. I think it’s a really great series of interesting characters with mundane recreational pursuits.











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3 Responses to Bingo

  1. Those are pretty fascinating. Hope all is well with you, thanks again for the great stuff 🙂

  2. I love these so much. When I was really little, it was a huge treat to be allowed to go to Bingo with my babysitter (who, by the way, would very much fit in the aesthetic of the series) in the grimy town hall. Maybe I was just tripping on the cans of pop she let me drink, but I remember it being such a sensory treat: the colour of neon dobbers, the troll dolls she would bring for luck, the acrylic nails, the hypnotic rattle of the bingo ball machine, the suspense of waiting to hear someone yell ‘Bingo!’. I don’t even think I was allowed to play- I just wanted to go so I could soak it all in.

  3. Fenne says:

    there is something sad about these photographs, but I like the series.

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