Spirit of the Painted Desert


Bona Drag is a great company that stocks a well curated selection of pieces by independent fashion and jewellery designers. Their shop offers something different to the mainstream, without being too avant garde. I like their cool, slightly dark approach to fashion.

“The term Bona Drag means “nice outfit” in polari, a secret language used by the gay culture in London during the 1960’s. The phrase was introduced to us by Morrissey and encapsulates the intention of the store. A shared camaraderie for those of us who seek out unique aesthetics and are fascinated by the secret language of style.”

Their new lookbook, titled ‘Spirit of the Painted Desert‘, mixes mysticism with a little Navajo geometry and throws in some bohemian sexuality for good measure. What I would give for one of those wide brimmed pilgrim-style hats. The lookbook was photographed by Harper Smith, styled and modelled by Kelley Ash, with make up by Kali Kennedy.












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