A Garden with a Roof

One of my favourite activities recently is adding more plant life to our garden and home. I can’t say I’m the best gardener but I’m learning slowly.

Needless to say I was taken by the home of graphic designer Mercedes Hernáez and her partner, architect and furniture designer, Alejandro Sticotti, that was featured on the always-inspiring website Freunde von Freunden. Located in Buenos Aires, their home abounds with greenery of various shapes and sizes, which is carried through with the large windows and warm wooden details of the interior.

“Mercedes Hernáez lovingly refers to her home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires as a garden with a roof. Indeed, the open and transparent space seems to blur its limits, paying tribute to the rich greenery that surrounds it. Designed by her partner, the architect and designer Alejandro Sticotti, the house is full of objects that tell a story. Crafts bought on various trips to North Argentina, photographs signed by artist friends and books that evoke memories of past times – Mercedes refers to them as ‘treasures of everyday life’.”
















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2 Responses to A Garden with a Roof

  1. Penelope R says:

    stunning thanks for posting this. Greenery is essential!

  2. rachelvater says:

    Oh wow, thanks for posting this. What a stunning home. Great piece of architecture without being cold at all, its actually very warm and inviting. Im trying to get into the whole gardening thing too, unfortunately I’m not a natural, there may have been a few floral casualties as a result!

    Great post, all the best.
    Rach x

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